Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Resolve To...

I have to be honest, I'm sure happy to see 2014 take a hike, although I'm sure that sounds ungrateful. It was a pretty adventurous year but we are ready to make a fresh start and welcome the new year with all its new opportunities.  Thanks to many of you for sticking through with us and we wish you all a happy and safe new year. 

I resolve to...

1. Race more
2. Love more
3. Challenge myself
4. Educate myself
5. Serve others

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Year in 200 Words or Less

Andy got a new estimating job and Lauren got a new job as a cosmetology instructor.  We moved to the Bountiful ghetto. We enjoyed a family trip to San Diego  where we visited the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and played on the beach.  We took another family trip to Lake Powell.  We skied, wake boarded and enjoyed swimming in beautiful warm water.  Next was the Price Family Reunion in Idaho (first time to Island Park).  We visited a play house and enjoyed lots of quality family face time.  Lauren raced in the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay.  We attended the Jones family reunion in Boise. We Vacationed in Hawaii with Lauren’s family.  We swam, surfed, snorkeled and gorged on pineapple.  Lauren visited her sister in California and enjoyed Disneyland with her family.  We Bought a motorcycle.  We sold our motorcycle.  Andy got a new job as a project engineer for the Mexico City Temple. We moved to Mexico City.  We moved back from Mexico City.  Andy had his gallbladder removed and is now in much better health.  

We have so much to be grateful for and feel so blessed to have had such an adventurous year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

So Long Gallbladder

Just a small update on Andy.  Last week was his little surgery.  Everything went very well and he has since felt so much better.  His recovery went perfectly and now everything is back to normal.  Yay for modern medicine and the work of excellent Dr.'s and Surgeons.  Thanks again for everyones well wishes and visits while he was recovering.

*As a side note, everyone has been asking if we are heading back to Mexico now Andy's health is back.  We are sad to say no, but Andy has since been reassigned to work on the remodel of the Oakland Temple project instead.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thank My Lucky Stars

Hoping this post finds you with full bellies and thankful hearts.  As for us we know we have so much to be thankful for this season and all year round.  The last few months we have particularly been grateful for healthy bodies.  With everything Andy has been going through the last few months, it has become particularly important to us to have the blessings of health.  On Monday Andy has surgery to have is gallbladder removed, and what a journey it has been to come to this conclusion.  We are so glad to receive such great health care and look forward to his rapid recovery and a "tummy" that will finally feel better.

I know I am so glad to share a life with Andy.  I thank my lucky stars I found him.  He is my best friend and has taken me on the most wild journey ever since we became a family (almost 5 years ago!!!!).  I love his laugh, smile and goofy humor.  He works harder than anyone I know, and always gets things done.  He teaches me patience and kindness and helps me grow my grateful heart everyday.  

Big thanks to my sister in law for taking our family pictures.  She always does a beautiful job!  We will give everyone an update sometime this week on how Andy's surgery goes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

That One Time We Moved To Mexico For A Week...

Surprise, surprise, we're home in the great United States!  Our big move lasted a bit shorted than any of us expected, but we are learning huge lessons in what we can control in our lives, and health as it turns out seems to not be one of them.

As a lot of our friends and family know its proven to be very difficult to get this move going.  Andy first moved to Mexico early September when he quickly became ill and has since been back and forth between Mexico and Utah trying to fight what it is thats going on.  We put so much on the line to make this move happen, (sold our apartment contract, sold a car and a motorcycle, i quite two jobs) but when it comes down to it we decided it is better to first take care of ourselves and our health than to try and make something like this happen.  And so just in time for the holiday season, (and frigid weather) we are glad to be home with family.  Andy is still very much apart of the Mexico City Temple project, working remotely from his office in Salt Lake.  As we continue a week of Dr. Visits we welcome prayers and your words of encouragement.

Love, Lauren

Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting Settled

Welcome to Mexico!  We already feel at home in this new little apartment.  Work has already started with Andy on the job site.  Last week he took me on a walk through of the whole temple.  Its amazing to watch these crews at work.  The temple is a little over half way finished, but there is still so much to get done.  We made it to the temples roof and it gave us a pretty good view of our neighborhood.  Its nothing fancy, but it amazing to look at.  We've also spent time at the visitors center meeting missionaries and enjoying The Christus.  We visit there often and enjoy the peaceful setting.  I haven't been homesick at all but going there feels a little like home.  It feels so familiar.

Sunday we ventured a little closer to the city to attend the english ward.  It took about an hour to get to.  Driving in Mexico City is just crazy.  The Church is in a beautiful neighborhood in the city surrounded by beautiful homes.  We completely fell in love with our ward when we first got there.  Everyone was so inclusive and friendly.  It was also the wards primary program.  I was so surprised by the size of the primary.  There were 40 plus kids and they each did so well.  Almost all of them had their parts memorized.  It was wonderful to see.  

So far things are so good!  There is so much still to see and experience and we are so excited!

Love, Lauren

Friday, November 7, 2014

We’ve made it to Mexico City!!! Finally after a crazy 2 months of packing, and quitting jobs (and lots and lots of Dr. Visits) we have found ourselves in a new home away from home.  So let me share why we are here!

Earlier this summer, just as we put an offer on a home Andy was extended an opportunity at work to join the team working on the remodel of the LDS Temple in Mexico City.  It wasn’t really a difficult decision to make.  We really wanted to go.  We knew this was an adventure of a lifetime and we didn’t want to miss out.  Mexico City is pretty special to our family because its where Andy served his 2 year mission for the church.  He speaks excellent spanish and still keeps in touch with the families he taught there.  Accepting this job would open more doors down the road for Andy and plus it’s a temple project.  The temple means so much to our family and getting to be apart of furthering the Lords work is so special. 

We’ve gotten ourselves settled in our little apartment just around the corner from the temple.  I already love it here.  Everything is so different but amazing!  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind words.  We can’t wait to share all these new experiences with you.